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What we Offer:


At MERC Data Consulting, our services is anchored on providing outstanding multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research powered by standard statistical analysis.

With our team of experts and professionals in research across various disciplines in strategic parts of the globe, we host series of International Journal on Scientific and Allied Research [IJSAR] also known as MDC Journals. This aims at publishing and propagating  scientific /academic information and findings from quality research/projects.


Our services include institutionalized tutorials and professional consultancies tailored towards generating accurate and relevant knowledge to solve strategic growth and entry problems in any given Academic Project/Research. We are also able to leverage our infrastructure to address a wide range of requirements across projects.


We organize Conferences (both National and International), Seminars and Workshops.

We render project assistance for both undergraduate and post- graduate programmes and assists in data collection, data analysis and dissemination of information.

We also offer trainings on Information Communication Technologies, Statistical methods and Data analysis.

Furthermore, we organize online classes to assist researchers in carrying out a quality research at post-graduate and undergraduate levels respectively.



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